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An ultrasound scan is a common scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of organs, tissue or blood flow inside the body. 

What does an ultrasound tell us?

An ultrasound can be used to help diagnose conditions, monitor the progress of unborn babies and for guidance during a variety of procedures, such as biopsies. As sounds waves are used rather radiation, an ultrasound scan is believed to be a safe procedure. 

This type of scan is carried out using a small handheld device called an ultrasound probe, which gives off high-frequency sound waves. These sound waves (which can't be heard) bounce off different parts of the body to create a moving image which is displayed on a monitor while the scan is carried out.

Ultrasound during pregnancy

When you pregnant and ultrasound scan or sonogram is used by monitor the health of your baby at key stages of your pregnancy.  

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