Why get a second opinion?

There are several reasons why you might consider a second opinion including:

  • You’re not confident that the correct diagnosis has been made.
  • You still have unanswered questions after speaking to your doctor, and you don't fully understand the information you've been given.
  • You're unsure and unhappy with the treatment recommended to you, and have been told you can't have a different type of treatment.
  • You've been told that there’s nothing more that more can be done.
  • Your condition has returned after treatment.
  • You're interested in clinical trials related to your condition.

Our specialist second opinion service is available to patients from all over the world, both face-to-face and remotely. It covers everything from complex circumstances to decisions about different treatment options.

FAQ's about a second opinion

  • When should I get a second opinion? icon plus

    It's best to get a second opinion soon after a medical condition or problem is diagnosed however, even if you've already started treatment, it's not too late to get another point of view. Even after treatment (with the exception of surgery) you can still make an appointment to see one of our expert consultants to get their opinion on the best way forward from here.
  • Do I need a referral for a second opinion? icon plus

    You can ask your GP or doctor for a referral, or you can call us direct and we can help you work out who to see. You may feel uncomfortable asking for one, but you shouldn't worry about causing offence as it's very common both within private healthcare and the NHS to ask for a second opinion.
  • What if there's an issue with insurance cover? icon plus

    If you're an employer or advisor where there's an issue with insurance cover, a second opinion can help resolve differences.

    If there is disagreement between the consultant leading a patient's treatment and the insurance company paying for the treatment, a different consultant can provide a second opinion to prevent stressful delays.

    Contact our team and we can go through your individual circumstances with you.
  • What if there's an issue with an employee's health? icon plus

    We're regularly asked by employers to give a second opinion, including where there may be an issue with an employers' liability claim or ill health/early retirement issues. A different consultant can provide a second opinion to help resolve issues and stop delays to treatment.

Contact our second opinion team

Do you have any questions or about getting a second opinion? Our team can talk you through the process, and discuss the options available.

020 3733 4482
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