Actions speak louder than words

At HCA Healthcare UK, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. We put our patients first and affirm the unique worth of each individual. Exceptional healthcare is built on a foundation of inclusion, compassion and respect for our patients and for each other.
I believe that character is important. That good people draw more good people to them. That any job worth doing is worth doing well

Dr. Thomas Frist Sr, HCA Healthcare Co-Founder

HCA Healthcare mission and values

Our mission is to commit to the care and improvement of human life above all else. To achieve this, we all live and breathe four core values.

  • Unique and Individual - We recognise and value everyone as unique and individual
  • Kindness and compassion - We treat people with kindness and compassion
  • Honesty, integrity and fairness - We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness
  • Loyalty, respect and dignity - We trust and treat one another as valued members of the HCA UK family with loyalty, respect and dignity 

HCA UK Code of conduct

We strive to deliver healthcare compassionately and always act with integrity. Our ethics and compliance programme is an integral part of what we do.
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